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Through the Years

In 1985, seeing the need for a quality childcare facility in Columbia county, a local businessman and his wife began construction on Small Wonders Playcare Center and Kindergarten, Inc. in Evans, GA. 

In April of 1986, the center opened its doors as one of the largest childcare facilities in the area and the only one with a cafeteria.  At the time, the center offered a fully accredited Kindergarten program for 5-year old’s. 


While some things have changed in the past thirty years – the Kindergarten program has been replaced with two Pre-k classes, and the center now sits on a five lane Belair Road, opposed to a two lane road, a lot has remained the same.  


The center is now taking care of a second generation roster as several of the parents of the children enrolled now were cared for at the center themselves. 


Through the years, our main goal has remained the same – provide every child that enters our center a safe and caring environment where children are safe, and can develop socially, emotionally, and academically - building a great foundation for a successful life.

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