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Safety and Security

Every parent can leave their child with us knowing that we take extra precautions to provide a safe, clean, secure environment for their child. It is Small Wonder’s NUMBER ONE priority. We employ a set of safety and security protocols that we strictly enforce. Some of the highlights include:​

  • Secure doors and entrances:​

Our center is equipped with an electronic access entry system that allows only authorized individuals to enter. ​Access Codes are changed often and are time sensitive, so even those with codes can only access the school during regular hours. ​Those without codes must be allowed in by a front desk employee and will be accompanied throughout the building.​

  • Identification:

Photo identification is required from all unfamiliar visitors.​

No child will be released to any unknown person without written authorization and proper identification.​

  • Security Cameras: ​

Small Wonders is equipped with a state-of-the-art video monitoring system. Cameras are located throughout the center and cover all classrooms, dining room, and playgrounds. ​

  • Background Checks/Training:​

All employees are thoroughly screened and undergo criminal background checks. We are licensed by "Bright From the Start" Department of Early Care and Learning. Our staff completes all required Health & Safety Orientation and First Aid/CPR training, as well as all annual/recurring training required for childcare providers​

  • Safe Transportation:​

Small Wonders transports children in vehicles approved by the Department of Transportation.​ Each driver must pass a defensive driving course.​ Our vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained for safety.​

  • Safe Playgrounds:

Our center has high-quality playground equipment that is safe and kid tested.​

All fall zones and landing areas have areas with licensing-approved levels of soft surfaces.​ All playgrounds are age appropriate and age segregated.​ All outside playgrounds are inside secure fences with locked gates.​

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