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Our Classes

A Nurturing Environment

Small Wonders Playcare Center provides an opportunity to learn through exploration, developing a natural curiosity for learning.


Tender, Love and Care

During the first two years, infants grow and develop at a phenomenal pace. At Small Wonders, we will provide your precious child with love and support as they reach those first milestones.

Toddler 1

Explore New Things

Our Toddler 1 program is offered to one-year olds who are mobile and ready to engage in small social groups. Our teachers will encourage your child to explore new things while insuring they are safe and secure.   

Toddler 2

Promote Positive Development

Two year olds are just learning to express themselves through language, social relationships, and creative arts. Our staff will work with your child to promote positive development.


Curiosity for Learning

Small Wonder's Preschool Program focuses on further developing your child's natural curiosity for learning. Our goal is to spur your children's’ curiosity, and allow them to learn at their own pace.


An Exceptional Learning Experience

Our qualified and experienced teachers serve as facilitators of the learning process.They guide students by encouraging them to ask questions and explore solutions, and promoting the use of resources outside of the classroom.

Before and After Care

Dive Right In

Our before and after school program enables working parents to know their child is safe and supported in the hours leading up to, and following their school day. Children have an opportunity to spend mornings and afternoons with friends in an environment that is fun, friendly, and relaxing.

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